The role of the DPO when managing third-party risk

1 hour | November 7 | 4:00 pm UTC

Third parties present risks that can have significant negative impacts on your organization –including data breaches, reputational damage, regulatory violations, and financial losses. Assessing and monitoring these risks is complex requires coordination between multiple stakeholders. As a key partner, how should Privacy manage and contribute to this growing business need? And what systems can be put in place to know where your vendors sit in the third-party management lifecycle? Learn more in this webinar. 


Key Topics

  • Challenges in creating a comprehensive third-party risk management program 
  • Privacy's role in managing risk 
  • Best practices for monitoring third-party risks across risk domain 

Featured speakers

Ahmad Javaid

Middle East: Chief Executive Officer

Nino Tlapak

Vienna: DORDA Attorneys

Christine Huang

San Jose: Director of Data Privacy and Data Management
Edwards Lifesciences

Paul Lanois

San Jose: Partner - Global Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Corporate Counsel

Kimberly Lancaster

Seattle: Sr. Privacy Manager

Kevin M. Clark

Dallas-Fort Worth: Discovery Counsel and Vice President of Analytics and Review Operations

Kaloian Petrov

Sofia: Security Consultant – Data Privacy and Protection
DXC Technology

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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