Data Privacy Day 2023: What does Data Privacy Day mean to you?

1 hour | January 31, 2023

Join us as we discuss how the perception of privacy has changed over time, and the geo privacy gap among different continents. Specifically, countries like China, US and Germany or France are being radically bridged by privacy regulations and technologies. We are now at the time where people have started to see the tremendous value of their personal data, the importance of keeping it private, and the complexity that the technologies or digital revolution brings.

We’ve realized that businesses can silently profit from our data; we’ve also begun to see many ways our data can enable business and technology breakthroughs and innovations. At the same time, we also start to see the dark side of how our data can be mis/used without proper security and privacy guardrails which can result in catastrophic harm to us and the societies.

Are we, the data subjects really the data owners? Can technology alter the nature and characteristic of personal data to become a generated asset such as anonymized or synthetic data sets, digital twins, etc.? These questions would be constantly challenged by future technology. However, with the global increase of privacy awareness and effort privacy professionals bring to different industry verticals, we know privacy is at the forefront of technology innovation. Privacy is inevitable because every company is a data company.


10:00 am PST | Introductions
10:05 am PST | Session
10:50 am PST | Q&A

Featured speakers

Christine Huang

Director of Data Privacy and Data Management
Edwards Lifesciences
San Jose

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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